Covered Goods™ Nursing Cover Review + Giveaway

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Do you ever love a product so much you just want the whole world to know about it?

As a breast feeding mama on the go, I have owned many nursing covers. None of them really had all of the aspects I want in a cover. With a lot of covers and blankets, they only cover the front and feel like I might flash someone at any minute. In fact, one day as I was nursing at a BBQ, a little girl came up to me, grabbed my nursing cover and lifted it up and said peek-a-boo.

Peek indeed!

Shortly after this BBQ, I was given an amazing gift by a lady at church, the best nursing cover I have ever owned. Its a cover by Covered Goods™!

In its cute little package

In its cute little package

I was gifted an older fabric design, but look at how beautiful the current options are.

It took only a day before I was IN LOVE. I went around the store telling everyone who would listen to me about this wonderful cover.

So why do I love it so much?

First of all, it doesn’t just cover the front of me but it covers the back too. With other covers I often feel exposed on my sides and back as I nurse. But with this nursing cover, I feel covered and comfortable because it provides ALL OVER coverage.

With baby already grabbing at things around him, I feel reassured that I will still be covered and I don’t have to worry about him kicking or pulling the cover off.

It is also extremely comfortable, made of soft, stretchy fabric. The stretchy material allows for a flexible neck so that it can be worn multiple ways, including one arm out of the cover, giving you a much needed free hand (to wrestle other kids, or rehydrate yourself).

It also allows you to peek at baby to make sure they are latched on properly. The fabric is also very breathable, where most other covers left baby hot and sweaty, this one keeps him cool and comfy.

I love the cute simple patterns used for these covers. The design is made so that they can also be worn as an infinity scarf. This is perfect for me because I usually end up running around all day wearing my nursing cover. Now I can do so without looking like I’m wearing some weird poncho. It will really come in handy when we are flying on our various vacations this summer.

Its really lightweight and only takes seconds to put on and and take off because there are no straps or buttons to mess with. I also love that it can be folded very small or stuffed into anyone of the pockets of my diaper bag.

This cover is so versatile, I have used it for many other non-traditional uses. It can be used as a car seat cover, a blanket when you suddenly realize you forgot to pack one, or a make shift changing pad.

I cannot get enough of these covers. I love them so much I now own 2 different designs. To be honest, I want more!!! I may be a little obsessed.

Here are some fun facts about Covered Goods™:
Jamie Yetter is the creator of Covered Goods™. As a mother of three, she looked around for the perfect nursing cover that didnt leave her feeling exposed and couldn’t find it, so she created it.
Covered Goods™ nursing covers are hand cut and hand sewn locally in the Los Angeles area to help support our economy and to ensure a quality product. Not only are you supporting United States manufacturing, but you are buying a product that’s perfect for any nursing mother.
One size fits most. They are 64″ in circumference at the bottom, the top is contoured to 14.5 wide at the neck line and they are 30 in long. These measurements do not account for stretch.

They are super easy to clean because they are machine washable in cold water and tumble dry on low heat. Although with any garment, hang drying will keep your product looking newer longer.

Now you have a chance to win your own Covered Goods™ Nursing Cover.

One lucky winner will get one of their very own Covered Goods™ Nursing Covers

The giveaway ends on 6/3 at 11:59pm est

Disclaimer: The product reviewed was received by author as a baby shower gift from a friend and additional cover was purchased by author. However, giveaway product is being sponsored.

The participating blogger was not compensated for this post. We are not associated with any of the companies named above. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. The odds of winning are based on the number of entries received. Open to 13+ only. Confirmed winner (by Giveaway Tools) will be announced on facebook and on the website. Winner will have 24 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. The sponsor will be responsible for product shipment to winner of this giveaway. My blog is not responsible for product shipment/delivery. This event is in no way administered, sponsored, or endorsed by, or associated with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pintrest.



  1. Jessica says

    What an awesome giveaway! I have Covered Goods on my BabyList necessity and look forward to having one with my baby boy due next month. I look forward to being fully covered in comfortable fabric and simplistic designs. This will make nursing much more enjoyable while being concealed. Fingers crossed!

  2. Kendra W says

    A friend of mine found these and I love them! I cannot wait to try one with my next baby – hopefully due next year. We’ll see how the IVF embryo transfer goes! :)

  3. natalie says

    I’ve been wanting a Covered Goods nursing cover this whole pregnancy….being due in June would make for an awesome win. Im crossing my fingers =)

  4. Margaret-Anne Kerschke says

    I think they are so gorgeous! Unlike most brands these are actually pretty :) Would love to win this for my best friend to use with her 3 week old!

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